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The Young Professionals of Ashtabula County (YPAC) was founded in February 2009 for individuals ages 21-45.  The mission of YPAC is to become a place where young professionals can network, socialize, grow professionally and help out within the community together.  

YPAC is a membership based organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Within the board there is an executive committee of officers- President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer and three committee chairs. The board of directors oversees committees that host different events for members and guests. Because the organization consists of volunteers, without a paid staff member, the organization relies on partnerships with the business community to help sustain its efforts. 

Young Professionals of Ashtabula County, better known as YPAC, is an organization for young professionals that live and/or work in Ashtabula County. YPAC members network, socialize, grow professionally and help within the community.

The Goals For YPAC:

  • Economic Development and revitalization of Ashtabula County

  • To convince young professionals to stay in Ashtabula County, where they can make a difference in their community

  • Work with elected officials and community leaders to serve as a voice for this demographic (increase awareness of issues affecting young professionals as well as activate young professionals to make a difference)

  • Social and business networking


Membership Committee

Responsible for management of all aspects of membership services including the database of member information, correspondence with members and public relations. It also promotes the organization and recruits new members.

Business Networking & Professional Development Committee

Responsible for scheduling networking & professional development events, including scheduling speakers, finding host locations and contacting businesses to sponsor the event.

Social Committee

Responsible for planning, organizing, executing and marketing all social events.

  • Ages 21-45

  • Live or work in Ashtabula County

  • Looking to meet new people and network

  • Seeking to expand business contacts

  • Interested in giving back to and being a part of the Ashtabula County community

  • Interested in having fun

Social Committee

Responsible for planning, organizing, executing and marketing all social events.

Top 5 Under 45

The Top 5 Under 45 award is given to five (5) local business and professional leaders who have achieved distinguished success before the age of 45 and that demonstrate leadership, initiative and dedication in pursuing their careers and who invest themselves in others through their involvement in civic, charitable and/or religious organizations.

This award is presented at the Greater Ashtabula Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting.  Nomination forms can be obtained from the Chamber office or by clicking the button below.

Top 5 Under 45 Past Receipients


Casey Kozlowski

James Mayer

Sarah Nageotte

Marianne Sezon

Tina Stasiewski


Bryce Heinbaugh

JIm Timonere

Dawn Cragon

Mark Winchell

Sarah Masek


Trevor Sprague

Nate Rockwell

Brian Diehl

JP Ducro

Jennifer Brown


Scott Vincent

Laura E. Jones

Sarah Bals

Octavia Yates

Hattie Grubke-Barnard


Robert Dille

Justin Gee

Tim Leehan

Shannon Majewski

Dr. Michael Sivik


Nate Fagnilli

Kristen Kitchen

Chris Raab

John Steel

David Thomas

Member Spotlight​ - In the Zone Cards and Games

How long has In the Zone Cards and Games been around?

  •  In The Zone has been serving up fun for Ashtabula County since 2015.

What does In the Zone Cards and Games love most about Ashtabula County?

  • We love how embracing and wonderful the members of this community are. The community has been amazing since we opened and consider all of our customers family. We look forward to seeing such great people every day and it makes the environment of the store fun and welcoming. 

What does In the Zone Cards and Games enjoy most about being a member of the Chamber?

  • Being a Chamber member has been awesome because it gives us a chance to give back to the community in many different ways and network with other businesses in the area to help everyone get the most out of their business and involvement in the community.

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